Scrap Happy! 20 things to do with Fabric Remnants

We cannot believe the uptake on our huge selection of fabric rolls. Here's what we've discovered our happy customers are up to with their loot -

1. Make a cushion cover
2. Upholster your kitchen chairs
3. Table cloth couture
4. Reinvent a footstool or ottoman
5. Jazz up your boudoir with a bed valance
6. Sew up some drawer liners
7. Wardrobe curtains
8. Reupholster an old armchair
9. Cover up an old lamp shade
10. Make a throw
11. Create your own textile art and weavings
12. Make some window shades
13. Cafe Curtains
14. Hem some squares for the most individual napkins
15. Placemats
16. Get braiding a rag rug
17. Cornice Boards
18. Headboards
19. Hem a patterned length for a beautiful sofa or bed backdrop
20. Get quilting

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