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Fabrics: Belem, The Interior Library - Interior Designers, Dublin, Ireland.


Sofa:Belem, lie de vin 04716/04


Cushions on sofa (left to right):
Frida, fuchsia 04710/03
Belem, rose indien 04716/06
Japura, corail 04731/02
Alma, rose indien 04730/03
Belem, cardinal 04716/02
Frida, rose indien 04710/05


Cushions on floor:
Left: Alma, rose indien 04730/03
Right:Back: Frida, corail 04710/02
Right:Front: Alma, fuchsia 04730/01


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Designer: Manual Canovas
Manuel Canovas is a French fabric house internationally renowned for the quality of its textiles and for its use of vibrant colour. Unmistakably European, the inimitable Canovas palette is the foundation of all the collections resulting in luxurious fabrics and wallpapers, instantly recognisable for their bold and unusual colour harmonies.
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